Our Team

Certified. Experienced. Dedicated.

T.J. Gerlieb

ASE Master Certified Technician
T.J.’s interest in cars began with helping out around his father’s garage and restoring classic cars. After graduating high school, T.J. worked at a Chevrolet dealership where he quickly became an ASE Master Certified Technician. T.J. married his wife Shauna in 2006 and after taking some time off to help raise his two young children, he joined The Skay Automotive team in August 2012. He brings Journeyman level education and experience to the Skay team as well as advanced steering and suspension training.

Lee Huisinga

ASE Master Certified Technician
Lee has been fixing things from a young age or you could say taking them apart. He has always been curious on how things work and it led him to the automotive industry. Lee will attempt to do everything himself whether it is remodeling his home, building his own computer, or fixing appliances. Lee enjoys taking his motorcycle out for a spin and loves the outdoors such as biking, hiking, or paddling down the river. When relaxing at home you can find Lee with his dog in the back yard. Lee is an ASE Master Certified Technician.

Ryan Harney

ASE Certified Technician
Ryan joined our team in February 2017. When moving to the country with his family, Ryan started tinkering with lawn mowers. He gradually worked up to cars and tractors. The love of working on them grew that he decided to make a career out of it. Ryan is an ASE Certified Technician.

Brian Skay

Brian has owned Skay Automotive for over 20 years. He has lived in the West Branch area all of his life. His hands will always be fixing or restoring cars. If he’s not at the shop, you can find him doing something outside the house. Sitting by the fire with family and friends reminiscing is very relaxing for him. Brian is a Master Certified ASE Technician. He enjoys the challenges that his customers and technicians bring him everyday.

Dawn Skay

Dawn is the brains of Skay Automotive as she handles everything from finances to keeping us all in line and looking as good as we do. Her love for interior decorating shows when you walk into the shop. Brian and Dawn have two beautiful daughters Brittnee, Emylee, and three beautiful grandchildren. She loves spending time with my family, especially grandkids.